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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It’s a GIFT from Scripture given 243 times from God’s heart to yours and mine. It's a three-in-one word, meaning “to believe, to trust, to hope.”
It's pronounced “pist-yoo-o."
It's become my life word. I want to live the gift.
I practice every day to do it.

DO  believe and trust and hope.

I look for it. It's changing me. It's changing my life. It's changing my thought processes. it's changing my priorities. It's changing even my health; because faith heals trust issues, and that brings peace where stress, pressure, and anxiety has taken up too much space for much too long, and taken away too much energy, strength, and joy for too many days. Years.

LOOK for every tiny scrap of evidence to believe, trust and to keep hope real.

FIND the evidence. You will find it; because it's there.

God supplies it everywhere.

And many times what you find will be meaningful only to you.

I found mine this morning in a tiny trace of steam. It rose from a group of leaves that huddled tight together on the grass as if to ward off the frosty night. The steam rose beneath the warmth of the sun, and just like that I watched thaw happen. I watched thaw. And, "Jesus?" a trace of steam rose warm from my mouth because, really, is there any name more thawing, more warming, than the name of Jesus? A trace of steam rose and whispered, "The Son thaws, just as the sun is thawing now before your eyes."

The name of the Son, thaws...

cold shoulders,
stiff words,
emotions piled in chilly heaps,
thoughts huddled in bitter freeze and relationships that are like blocks of ice. 

The name of Son, thaws...

And I believe it and hope it and saw the evidence of it right in my own backyard.

Please practice pisteuo with me! We are changed when we live the gifts that God gives us.


It's for you to print. I covered mine in clear contact paper to make it durable. Make pisteuo durable. It's a gift from God to last for the duration of your life, and mine.


 "Happy are the people whose God is the LORD!" (Psalm 144:15)

PISTEUO! Blessings!


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