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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ...separated to the gospel of God" (Romans 1:1).

Identifying himself as a bondservant of Jesus Christ, Paul introduces the very love of God which has had its way in his heart.  It goes like this:

While a servant says, "I serve my Master," the bondservant says, "I love my Master."  A servant serves the allotted time and then is free to go, but the bondservant stays by the Master's side.  

Though the servant chooses to leave through the door, the bondservant chooses to be marked upon it.  The one who plainly says, "I love; I will not leave,” is separated; pierced through the ear by the master's awl.  Exodus 21:6 tells us, “…his master shall bring him to the door, or to the doorpost, and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him forever."

Has the Master affected your heart?  Then you can no more call yourself a servant than leave your Master’s household.  Has He marked your ear for His voice alone?  Then, bondservant, you have found more freedom than the freed servant will ever find.

At my Master’s door I stand;
I see the awl in His hand.
Claim my heart and pierce my ear
To love, serve, listen and hear.

Author: Carolyn Roehrig