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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pouring Out All Magnolia

Blessings from my garden this morning!

Magnolia Cup
"My cup runs over," runs through my mind.
I watch it. The rain fill the cup just through kitchen window.

"Living  Water pour Yourself," I say silent. "Your glory. Your fragrant. Your pure. From Your Kingdom and Your Heaven. Spill and fill my cup."

I snap up camera and great Aunt Dottie's pitcher. Rain just spills over me and I offer pitcher on patio beneath rainspout. It fills quick and, "May I be open pitcher beneath heaven spout and fill quick up, too? No lid. No umbrella. No hood pulled down. Just open?"

I am. Right here. Open. Wanting His refreshing pour so bad I open my mouth and swallow drops of pour from the heavens.

The Pour
It's full. Great Aunt Dottie's pitcher. And I pour out 'til magnolia cup runs over and spill over what's in heart full this morning, "Just may my cup run over today. Like this!"

And the fragrance released in the pour! Surely Heaven will be magnolia scented. Surely some of the prayers of the saints fill Heaven with magnolia incense. And surely the tears pouring right out of praying hearts release such fragrance. Surely.

My Cup Runs Over
May your cup run over all magnolia fragrant and water fresh from God and heart and prayer, today!

Carolyn Elizabeth Roehrig
(because I've discovered my full. my full name. and i'm going to use the whole name . because it means what i want to be. carolyn elizabeth-joyful song set apart for the Lord. yeah, I want to live up to that name.)

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