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Monday, September 20, 2010

“They were to serve before the Lord regularly…and in the way prescribed for them”

You don’t have to be a Levite for this list to sound familiar!  They were to care for:
            -the furnishings and all other household articles
            -the courtyard
            -the accounting
            -the supplies of flour, oil, spices, wine and incense
            -the mixing and baking
            -the setting of the table
            -the serving of the bread
            -the purification of all sacred things
            -the daily prayers and worship
-the performance of all the other duties at the house of God which have not been     mentioned 

Paying bills, pulling weeds, grocery shopping, and staying in step with the heart-beat of my family is so regular that it seems the only time it is noticed is when it is not done.  You who cook dinner most evenings, when was the last time family members said, “Heroic! You made dinner again!”  Maybe polishing the light bulbs would raise an eyebrow when they learn why their eyesight seems improved, though I didn’t notice any unusual brow activity after power washing the second story windows the other day.  My prompt, “Someone must have cleaned the outdoors today; it seems brighter than usual through these windows,” was missed.  So much for heroics, but then I’ve never seen a hero strap on a hose with a bottle of Windex attached at the nozzle.  

It seems God’s way for service doesn’t produce heroes, but saints; and saints are made in the fray.  You’ll find them rummaging through sock drawers trying to reunite missing mates, puzzling over a sudden food shortage, (is it world-wide or just in my pantry?), placing a “Please do not disturb the dust, I’m collecting samples” plaque on the knick-knack shelf, and nearly always you will find them picking up other people’s messes. 

Ho-hum?  No, not when you remember that God prepares work for His saints, and saints for His work.  Besides, you’ll also find them welcoming a visitor for a lengthy stay, thanking a gal who brought over fresh-baked cookies, taking dinner to a friend home from the hospital, and receiving “just because” flowers from a happy husband who noticed…and there is nothing ho-hum about that.  But flowers or not, let God’s every-day way produce not a ho-humming, but a Him-humming most regular saint, in you. 

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  1. I LOVE this. It is so eloquent and profound. Yes - God prepares work for his saints AND saints for his

    Thanks for sharing!!