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Friday, January 17, 2014

Held Tight

Its phrases. Segments. Just a verse here and a verse there. It’s my life ordinary. Common routine.

Except for this Exodus Angel. Sent by the One Whose name is in Him. Sent to lead me straight into battle fray.
(see Exodus 23:20-33)

And while smashing godless pillars to smithereens I’m living all routine.

Because meals still need making and laundry washed and errands run.

And are those pillar pieces on my kitchen floor? I get broom. And where’s the lemon scented Pledge? It’s all routine to me by now.

And I forget it’s uncommon. Because there is this Angel speaking to me. I hear the voice of He Whose name is in Him.

Call me crazy, but I’ve been hearing His voice for more years than I’d care to admit lest I be admitted. Institutionalized. And just to be clear, an institution is “a place where an organization takes care of people for a usually long period of time.” (Merriam-Webster)

Hmm. Well.

I have been instituted. It’s a three Person organization called The Trinity. Nice name. And They’ve been caring for me for ever.


So this Exodus Angel. I’ve been praying His own words scrawled convenient across a page that falls open permanent. The spine is bent here. And I am too.

Bent over here.


Verse by verse.

Little by little because that's how He said He'd do this.

Year by year. Because He said it would take more than a year to get there.

Praying to get to the “I will set your bounds from sea to sea…and from the desert to the River” part.

It happened. On Wednesday. And I'll have more on that next time. But do you know what never occurred to me through all the praying for this? Only that “I will set your bounds” means change.


Change happened on Wednesday.

And I’m praying, “Hold me and my German tight to You, Lord.”

Because the verses. The measures. That made twenty-four years rhyme familiar rhythm will be different now. Because change happened.

“Held Tight” is a twenty-four year long song that was. But the song is going to be different and I don’t know what the words are. What rhymes? What rhythm?

The Institution has been humming it all along. So maybe there will be a something kind of déjà-vu about it when I start hearing it more clear. And two-stepping to it? Yeah. I think so. Til I know it by feel and by heart.

So I sing “Held Tight” as a conclusion prayed for.



vs. 1
Morning dawns
Time to wake
Breakfast on
Coffee made

Kiss you, “Good-bye”
Love you so
“Hold him tight
for me, Lord”

vs. 2
Much to do
First things first
Meet with You
Holy Word

“This day’s Yours
Ev’ry part so
Hold us tight
for You, Lord”


Apron string
Ordinary things
My heart strings
Tie me to you

Hold us, Jesus
Morning, night and noon
Hold us crazy
tight to You

vs. 3
Household noise
Dinner’s made
His deep voice,
“On my way”

Wedding rings
Me and you
Hold us, Jesus
for You


written by: Carolyn Roehrig

To listen, click on

Happy listening! :-)

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