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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Emmanuel, God Is With Us (A song for Christmas)

vs. 1
Choirs of angels, salvation's song
Heaven would miss Him while He was gone
Love so high could only belong
'Neath the heart in Virgin womb

vs. 2
Eternal God, Ancient of Days
Swaddled in cloth, sleeps in the hay
Bethlehem star, the Father's way
To reach from Heav'n and hold the Babe

The Lord has done great things for us
Oh, my soul, I will lift Him up
The Lord has done great things for us
Emmanuel, God is with us

Infinite God became infant
He who gave all became gift
Enlarge my heart, make my soul inn
Emmanuel, God is with us

vs. 3
Jesus' first steps, holy toddle
He learned to walk so I'd follow
Take me to the end of humble
Holy, holy Emmanuel


written by: Carolyn Roehrig

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