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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"I've got this, Carolyn..."

Sometime ago, when I was becoming anxious about a cloud I saw gathering on the horizon, I heard God whisper behind me, "I've got this, Carolyn. Go do what you were doing. I've got this." When the cloud became very dark? "I've got this." When there was lightening in the cloud? "I've got this." When a storm dropped out of it and carried on as if there was no tomorrow? "I've got this. Go do what you were doing. I've got this." 

So I did. I was actually about to cook a gourmet meal with my daughters. I visited with my household into the late hours. I laughed like someone who has not a care in the world. It's not that I didn't notice the storm. How could I not? But I didn't pay much attention to it, though it begged. 

The thing is, not so long ago I would have given it much attention, even would have abandoned what I was doing because of it, but this time was different. I remembered the storm, but abandoned very little to it and became increasingly abandoned to God. And what else can be expected if not increased abandon to God when we simply get back to what we were doing before the cloud gathered overhead? Whatever it is, He's got it. 

And there's more. He is also FOR us. The powers and principalities of the air that whirl about like a tasmanian devil can do nothing more than what God says. And GOD is FOR us! Kind of makes me want to say, regarding that dervishing devil "Is that all you've got?!?"

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