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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brides are wired to trust

My husband represents Christ to me.  One way he does this is by being believable. He is a truthful man, but sometimes he leads me on a goosey story that no one in their right mind would ever believe. The problem is that I believe him! Once he got me to believe in a fictitious animal called a Jack-a-lope. It's a cross between a jack rabbit and an antelope...and, to validate his story he had a post card with a picture of one on the front. Yes, such things exist...the post cards, not the animals. You have to travel to South Dakota to find them. No kidding. To my credit, I was suspicious at first. But in the end I believed him. He could tell me anything, and I would struggle hugely to keep myself from believing him. Why? Because wives are wired to believe their husbands as strongly as the church is wired to believe Christ, the Bridegroom.

Christ never tries to get His Bride to believe something that is not true. Never. You may say that's because He cannot be  anything but truthful, and you are right. He is truth. But wouldn't you say that it is also because He loves us? None of us, husbands included, can relate to never having been deceived, nor to never having difficulty either discerning, or speaking, the truth, but many a husband can relate the concept of loving his wife as Christ loves His Bride.  All the more true for a Christian husband because he himself knows something of the love of Christ .

As a wife, I will only speak from a wife's perspective.When trust has been broken, embrace the One who never has and never will be untrustworthy. Embrace the One who has never been deceived, and who has compassion on all who have. And all of us have. Don't be surprised when trust has been violated. Do we really think that Christ is susrprised? Don't write the person off. Christ doesn't. What is His response? Love. The Bridegroom is wired to love His Bride, and His Bride is wire to trust Him. Wife, has your husband been untrustworthy? Remember that he is just as deceived as you are, just as needy of the Bridegroom's love, and then trust your Bridegroom.

written by: Carolyn Roehrig
Just to be clear, believing in Jack-a-lopes is not enough to bring any of us to the point  of saying to Christ, "It's enough to trust You alone."  The issue of trust is huge and must be viewed rightly, through Christ.

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